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Thread: Joey features in the Sunday Times

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    Joey features in the Sunday Times

    Arguing his ban is unfair, saying lots of others bet, promoting his book going into paperback.
    May go on Question Time again and been in touch with Jeremy.

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    There is no doubt that Joey has been slightly unlucky and there are many many more players that have been doing the same as him, if not more, for many years.
    Joey knew it was wrong and continued so has paid the price. The punishment has now been set, I wonder if the same outcome would result if Hazard or Kane were to be be found to be in the same situation, I'm sure not!
    Betting on coupons, is that really worse than Drug violation, Hong Kong fu, personal opinion, no.
    A lot of footballers will be making sure they bring their Ladbrookes, Bet Fred, and Coral accounts up to date in case their branch Manager has itchy e mail fingers.

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    f I was advising Joey Barton, I would be seriously advising suing someone on a "Confidentially" clause!

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    Would you also be advising him to store up on Coke before he retires?��

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    Sees like Joeys comments helped the FA get rid of Ladbroke sponsorship.

    Will that also affect Dafabet next year though?

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