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Thread: Interesting interview with Kevin Dillon

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    Interesting interview with Kevin Dillon

    I wonder whether he ever applied for us:

    Sounds like he did well at Aldershot but the hierarchy didn't have the interests of the club at heart.

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    Thans for that, I had a lot of time for Kevin as a player. I'm sure he would have applied for our jobs, hope he received a reply at the very least. When he was at Aldershot he had Knightsie as goalie coach. They reached the play offs as the article says, they only had 1 fit goalie and as I recall the FL (as it was then) wouldn't let them loan another. Ridiculous as always, a Premier League club had been allowed to do so by the PL the week before, ok different league I know. it just shows how the smaller clubs don't get a fair crack of the whip in many ways.

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    Agree with that LDB.

    I remember Eisner saying he'd want to expand staff. Might be worth KJ giving Dillon a look if needs be, he says he likes to help develop young players.

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