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Thread: The Mahoney saga is over

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    The Mahoney saga is over

    Connor Mahoney finally signs for Bournemouth
    I would like to wish the lad well and hopefully Howe can progress his career like king.

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    Probably the right sort of club for him to go to at this stage. I hope he does well. He should probably have been introduced earlier to the first team at Ewood, but there is no doubt we have had a series of managers who were risk-averse where youngsters were concerned. I understand the reasoning, but is the risk of fielding a talented youngster really a lot higher than that which arises from using an older player with limited ability but lots of experience?
    Most managers seem to think so, and I suppose we have to accept that judgement.

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    Yes we now see the results of this obsession with oldsters. Maybe the kids need a bit more handling and advice and dont run on auto-pilot ,so to speak and our managers certainly wanted the easy option commensurate with bumper pay packets. Ill exclude Gary Bowyer from this,as in spite of his true aversion to playing the kids he certainly generated revenue with his buying & selling!!

    Eddie Howe seems to hover over us like a large vulture,picking off the quality at bargain-basement cost.

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