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Thread: Cynical?

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    Rumours that now the early bird deadline has expired, venkys are to return to type. No more incomings, with player sales back on the agenda.

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    I am still on a positive slant
    2 REJECTED bids for lenihan,a blocked move (allegedly)for a right back probably wanting assurances we couldn't give and a very stubborn tony Mowbray hasn't got me reaching for the panic button yet
    To coin a phrase watch this space.

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    Clearly in terms of cash expended for where we are,it appears Venkys have more faith in Mowbray than Coyle.That in itself is positive.
    Yep,I see no reason not to be positive. And if the players have to go,DONT have another Mahoney saga,stand firm and give them a payrise in good time so you can negotiate from a position of strength.

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