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Thread: Steve Davis

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    Steve Davis

    Rumours circulating that he is going to become our head coach (Leyton Orient).

    What should we expect and do you think he is a good fit for our club?

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    Started really well with us but gave the impression for the latter 2 years that he didn't have a plan B. Some suggest he inherited a talented squad and when they left he had no idea what to do. What was certainly true was that our defence was colander like and our strike rate just went down. I'm sure will add stuff to this.

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    If he is given the boards backing, I think he will do well for you. But don't you have money troubles or has that been sorted now?

  4. Yes,it all went very pear-shaped for him after a very bright start at CAFC but to be fair to him he had little money to play with.
    You'll obviously want an immediate return to League football and I hope you get it but it largely depends on what kind of budget your new owner will allow him I guess.

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    Hopefully he will have appropriate backing and will do well. Be good to see Orient back in League Two.

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