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Thread: Predictions League 2017-2018

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    Predictions League 2017-2018

    Unless anyone else would like to take it on, I am happy to run the Predictions League again this season.

    For the first set of matches on Saturday 5 Aug, I will be posting a new thread on Tuesday 1 Aug. Hopefully all participants from last season will be joining us again. Also, it would be nice to see some new members, who would be very welcome.

    For the benefit of any potential newcomers, predictions should be posted no later than the start of the first match of the relevant day. A Bonus match is nominated each week by the administrator. Scores for a correct forecast (win, draw, lose) are 2 points for standard matches, 4 points for the Bonus match, and 6 points for the Rovers match. For a correct exact score, the points for that match are doubled.

    The season is split into two halves, with a new leader board starting after Christmas.

    Looking forward to the new season, and a successful Rovers.

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    Count me in. Thanks for offering.

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    As the Four Tops sang "I'll Be There". i echo Silvertop's thanks for taking it on.

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    Well done Waldron that's fine by me because I wouldn't have a clue where to start, thanks very much. RTID

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