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Thread: First austrian Friendly.

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    First austrian Friendly.

    O-O) at half time, playing 3-4-3with Jack Price the outstanding player according to Tim Spiers. Looks as if it could be a different team in the second half.

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    Dicko scored early in second half. 0-1 Wolves

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    The above video is not the greatest, quality wise, but at least there's some highlights. A good finish from Dicko!

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    Longer highlights above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolves71 View Post

    Longer highlights above.
    Thanks for posting that Wolves 71. As you say a great finish by Dicko. Let's hope it's a sign of things to come.

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    Just a couple of points.
    Surprised Dicko actually hit the target in this kick about.
    The match officials looked men of the cloth.

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    This kick about is called a pre-season friendly.

    Football clubs tend to do this, as does yours.

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