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Thread: Checkatrade Trophy

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    Checkatrade Trophy

    Oldham, Vile and Newcastle U21 for this start of the season fun-fest.

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    Will be boycotting the same as last year and yes even if we get to the final I won't be attending. This competion was set up for league 1&2 clubs to have a chance to play at Wembley.

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    Agreed! Why pay 10 to watch Newcastle reserves

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    Not interested at all in this competition. Needs genuine reform.

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    BUT will any of you attend to see us put one over the Vale and have more bragging rights

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    Nope for 2 reasons 1 Boycotting the completion and 2 why give Vile money sooner they go bust the better

  7. This competition MUST DIE as soon as possible.
    Simple as that.
    Otherwise 'B' teams will start appearing in League 2.

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    I agree about B teams but I'll still be going to the home games.

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