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Thread: My current take on things

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    My current take on things

    OK so where to start, loads happening this summer so far and hopefully more to come.

    Let's start at the top, Andrea has made a good start as owner, buying Elland Road, appointing people fairly quickly to avoid time being wasted looking, seems to have the club at heart and wants it to succeed. Let's hope he keeps doing the right things, we deserve an owner who knows what he's doing!

    I can't comment too much on the board members and people in positions supporting the owner and head coach as I don't know much about them, they don't seem to have done too much wrong so far.

    Onto Thomas, first impressions, I like him, seems a good bloke, not full of himself, well spoken, albeit against weak opposition, he's wanting the team to play attacking football and in bits, it's not looked too bad upto now, and he's trying 2 upfront which I really hope we do this season. The real proof will start with the 3 games in Austria and then hopefully we shall see an 11 close to what Thomas will class as his best 11 against Oxford, and with it being a lg1 team, I'd like to see us dominate the match, coz by then, fitness should be good, and hopefully cohesion between the players from last season and the new signings will start to show, I wish Thomas the best of luck as Leeds United head coach.

    Onto the players. So far we have signed 8, Wiedwald Jansson Anita Klich Saiz Gomez Sacko and Ekuban. Of those, obviously Pontus is the star signing and we know he's a very good player at this level, Vurnon is very experienced and still only 28/29, Felix was the number one gk for the 8th best team in Germany last season and at a fairly cheap price should be a good signing, Mateusz has come from the top Dutch division and is a polish international so should be half decent, we know Hadi is a speed demon and if he can improve his final third then he could be a very good signing, however with Samuel Madger and Caleb we know a lot less about, we just have to hope they can be good signings and not end up being flops, I wish them all, the very best at Leeds united. We are still heavily linked with Ezjian Alioski, the attacking winger does look like he would be a good signing if we get him, double figures for both goals and assists last season in the top Swiss division, a Macedonia international, mid 20s, ticks plenty of good boxes, let's hope he signs for us. We still need as a minimum a first choice left back and first choice centre back, my preference would be Kyle Bartley or Filip Helander, but we shall just have to see on that for centre back, left back I've no idea who's available, so I wouldn't like to comment on that.

    On players going out, Coyle is loaned, I would also send Denton and BPF out on loan, all 3 could do with a full season playing first team football. It looks like Bellusci and Erwin are leaving which isn't a huge loss, however some fringe players will need to be considered for out, if we get better players in, Silvestri Cooper Diagouraga and Doukara all come to mind, but we do seem to be top heavy in central midfield, and when you consider that youngsters like Kalvin and Ronaldo will want to continue getting first team football after both played a good amount of games last season, they might find it difficult, I wonder if Thomas will use them or will loan them out of will even sell them, Mowatt being sold last season shows that just being an academy graduate doesn't mean you have a long term future at Leeds, despite a good many of them doing so, it's not a guarantee.

    Onto the potential squad for Austria as it currently stands, my guess is the following. Wiedwald Green Silvestri Ayling Berardi Jansson Cooper Bridcutt Okane Phillips Vieira Klich Saiz Anita Diagouraga Hernandez Sacko Dallas Roofe Doukara Antonsson Ekuban and Wood, and I would guess Alioski a new centre back and a new left back will also join them. A solid squad imo if this ends up being the case.

    I'm really interested to see how we do in Austria, the 3 friendlies up to now albeit all none league teams have given us an average score of almost 4-1 which ain't bad when you consider those 3 games are more about fitness and learning the new styles Thomas wants them to learn, they will be in better matches in Austria, if we can beat Eibar and Inglostadt and at least not get beat by Monshengladback then that would be very encouraging imo.

    Then a dominating performance and scoreline against Oxford where we limit ourselves to just 3 subs used so it is like a proper match situation, 3-0 would be a very decent effort against Oxford at that point in preseason, baring in mind Oxford will see us as a big scalp even in preseason in terms of going into the league full of confidence, so I want us to go into these matches positively and not sit deep to defend for 90 minutes, let's see what happens.

    Up to now I'm fairly satisfied with how things are going in all fronts regarding Leeds United and now it is time to see how the rest of preseason unfolds.

    I wish everyone who is currently at and may well be at Leeds United soon the very best of luck and let's see us fully prepared for the Bolton match.


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    Nice summary Clive, certainly helped me catch up on things as I have had my head in a hole last few weeks! Pity the game in Austria is off as any new set of players (or significantly changed) needs time together to gel. I would like to have seen a few more home friendlies with higher grade opposition but what do I know. PNE have got Newcastle visiting next week which may help them or if they get truly trounced set them back psychologically - who knows not me

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    I would have preferred a high profile home match, O well lol

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