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Thread: O/T FAO Zilzal

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    Tbf Ellis

    I don't know that many personally on here actually 4 and they all think Kempo is a multi who just seeks attention.
    A bit like the kid who always wanted to bring in the best toys at school not many friends but always like to tell everyone how much he'd got but in reality desperate for attention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellis_D View Post
    You're a strange one, millmoor. You don't believe he's a doctor, you don't believe he's not a multi, and now you don't believe he put 500 on a horse, not even 50, not even a tenner! Do you literally disbelieve every claim he makes?
    I think you're the strange one if you actually believe his ****e to be honest Ellis....

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    Together with his obsessional pal he doesn't even believe what school I went to.

    Why someone would come on here and lie about their school I honestly haven't the slightest idea but Hey Ho

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    Well pointed out Ellis, you clearly wear a white hat at all times, whether it's appropriate or not. Funerals are borderline I'd say but you stick to your guns and you'll always come out of any situation with dignity and general approval.

    KEMPO, I stayed up until 3 the other night because the matter of Caravaggio was troubling my mind. I hope it came across that I didn't think it would win but as my post was timed out as usual, i lost some of the text bigging up Gustav Klimt in the previous race. The post was generally lacking in balance and this disturbed me as I don't like giving opinions about other people's bets lightly. It did as I thought prove a race too many for Caravaggio and Gustav Klimt did win as I thought before going on to the Goffs National Stakes later in the year.

    All the very best in your retrieval mission. You'll make it in no time I'm sure.
    Last edited by Zilzal; 18-07-2017 at 10:34 PM.

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    Good advice given by yourself Zilzal but unfortunately I chose to ignore it and paid the penalty and indeed the bookies.

    I am making sure that I don't chase the losses and am in a resting phase while I brush myself down.

    You were spot on with your assessment as would be expected.

    Frog has confirmed that we are different posters for which I am grateful as I was beginning to wonder myself.

    IBS was in for another ECT session yesterday because he had been telling all his relatives that he was Jesus and had returned to sort Brexit out.....It's a shame that Frog couldn't reassure him on that one before he had the electrodes.....It was quite a shock to him and he was quite shaken up by it all.

    Lbj has been banned by frog for posting repetitive rubbish which confirms my idea that he must be sleeping with MMMagic who gets away with constant lies,abuse,swearing and threats of violence.

    It's a funny old world.
    Last edited by kempo; Yesterday at 07:53 PM.

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    Kempo/ZIL old bean. I'm still tipping winners. Check one a day's thread. You did acknowledge me when I tipped the National winner so you are not always for yourself. Uttoxeter: watched reruns on ATR. It looked good, grass looked really lush & green. Happy memories from there, been a few times. Made me feel how much I've missed NH racing. But you can't be doing racing all the time. 2nd Saturday in October to end of April following year I'll be firing on all cylinders then. But can't guarantee winners, impossible. Just so I don't lose in the long term.

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    I am sorry gwru but since you started being rude and insulting I no longer discuss your tipping.

    I always thought you were a nice harmless guy on here but you seem to have changed and trust me it's not for the better.

    The irony of the situation it was Zilzal and myself who were the very people who were propping you up on here but you have let us down and indeed and more importantly let yourself down.

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    Kempo you live in this make believe world with your keyboard inventions. Ditch them, be yourself. Then you might get some respect. You make yourself look a idiot.

    I'm true to myself. I think for myself.

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    Surprisingly eloquent and insightful.Respect to Gwru.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gwru View Post
    Kempo you live in this make believe world with your keyboard inventions. Ditch them, be yourself. Then you might get some respect. You make yourself look a idiot.

    I'm true to myself. I think for myself.
    Shhh22 thinks this is eloquent and insightful which to me says a lot for the opinions that are frequently proffered on here.

    Even when Frog clearly states that myself and Zilzal cannot be the same,people like yourself persist with the same nonsense.

    Frankly you must be utterly stupid.

    I note in an earlier post you informed us that you spent your youth in taprooms and the bookies.

    There can be no greater warning to others!

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