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    I've just been on the club website looking for next season's fixtures, but I can't find them anywhere. They must be there somewhere, it must be me, can someone tell me where I'm going wrong, point me in the right direction.

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    No they are not there Sinkov, so I did put them up on a thread, I'll revive it for you fella

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    Cancel the above, I've just clicked onto the site using a different link and there it is 'FIXTURES'. No idea what the previous link had led me to but it was a different layout altogether with no sign of the fixtures. Ah well, problem solved.

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    Cheers Alto, if you can't see them either then I wasn't dreaming, but I've found them now. Bizarre.

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    I hope they are right, I have already booked the trains for Chelsea!

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    Actually the club sent me an email advertising their ticket sales, when I clicked on the link on the email it put me onto a club website that didn't have the fixtures on. When I clicked on the link on my desktop I was straight onto the site with the Fixtures link. Perhaps they do it on purpose, to confuse old gits like me.

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