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Thread: Moderator note

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    Moderator note

    Just in case anyone wonders......Although I don't post much these days I still look thorough the board regularly, as I'm sure Gaz does.

    I see we have a few visitors from across the road visiting at the moment and I'm glad they're joining in so don't scare them off too soon Newcy!

    If any of the lads from the Albion board have started visiting this site again with new usernames, on the basis they might have been barred in the past, I don't have an issue with that and if I find out that is the case I'll happily overlook it unless the obvious rules are broken. I'm not one to throw bans around, and to be fair Chris and Des are equally fair on their site. Providing footymad themselves aren't controlling any bans everyone else is welcome to come and play over here, including Baggieblood. Personally, I'd like to wipe all slates clean but I'm not quite up to date on admins rules regarding existing bans and whether I can get any overturned.

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    I think the moderation is good on here and I agree, the mods on the sandwell board do a good job too. Regarding the multi username issue, if you remember a couple of years ago we had a certain user from another site who felt the need to create another account solely for the intention to stalk and wind people up on this board and the Villa board. After having a bit of fun with him he was eventually banned for the second time on these two boards
    Personally I'll give any visiting poster a chance but history proves that some just can't themselves, it's got to a point now that a posters own moderator is telling fellow posters to ignore his inflammatory posts.
    But hey, I'm quite happy to go with the flow on here

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    😂 Fair point bud...but I thought you'd like a few home games to enjoy rather than having to play away all the time 😉

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    Quote Originally Posted by theplater View Post
    �� Fair point bud...but I thought you'd like a few home games to enjoy rather than having to play away all the time ��
    Like it

    Board activity comes and goes. This forum used to be one of the busiest (and most humorous) but due to many factors it, like many other footymad boards, is slowly disappearing up its own ar$e. Lack of interest, site upgrade problems, other forums, strops and most sadly, the passing away of at least three wonderful human beings, tundra, greystone and lincs are all contributors to the demise.

    The last few will keep the board alive and yes, it would be good to play at home once in a while.

    If only people from other boards had the balls.........

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    Banter'and'pee'taking'are'expected'amongst'local'r ivals,but'some'of'the'abuse'seeN'on'our'board'amon g'our'own'saddens'and'embarrases'me'at'times.

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