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    O/T Tonight...

    Sorry for being a pain everyone but if your at a loose end tonight I would GREATLY appreciate it if you could pop down to the Trades for my charity night even if it's just for an hour...if I don't have over 150 guests there I will have to pay another 300 to the trades and at present I'm on about 125....
    Brin .. Villa..Pocket and Crash will be there and possibly Stoney so let's make it a pre season get together of our own and help raise funds for my Dad's dementia care home (Cherry trees on Fenton Rd near ringo'bells)...MIck Mangham (the entertainer) will be doing a comedy spot , there will be raffles and I THINK he's doing an nephew is coming over from Scunny to do the disco aswell so it should be a crackin night...if my last one at NYS is owt to go by.
    tickets 5 on the door..19.30 doors open and I'll be on stage from 20.00ish.
    Hope to see loads of you tonight THANKS..BRI

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    Can I donate somewhere on holiday

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    Get your Sens down it will be a good neet

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    Crash...donations for my Dad's dementia care home were just in person pal .
    I still have a just giving page for diabetesUK though..
    I'll be shutting it down in next few days and did set a target of 500 for that but upto now have raised 200 mate.
    Last night we raised 1135 for Cherry trees care home up Kimmy.
    It was a brilliant night yet again..thanks for coming Villa..gutted Brin couldn't make it but he did donate a signed ball and sent his best wishes on.

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    Glad you raised money at the event. When I was there and the owners said they was closing the place down, I was so angry and left me to deal with a massive headache!!! I can't believe the new owners charged you for the room. I never charged for charity events. Well that's business people for ya

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    Yeh I remember it well Dave...NYS was my last resort at last minuite as I had people booked in hotels so I had to get somewhere in Rotherham.
    NYS charged me 600 for the privilege but I had no choice really....Trades charged 200.
    Well that's all in the past now.

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    It is matey but still mad about how they treat me and I got blamed n the rumours started flying around. Glad ur charity do went well. UTM!!!

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