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Thread: 2 new centrebacks comming in

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    2 new centrebacks comming in

    Flint, Hellander, Baath, Elphick mentioned. Who would you realistically want?
    Get your criticism in early.

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    Any of them, they're all better than cooper

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    Quote Originally Posted by norfolk white View Post
    Any of them, they're all better than cooper
    Do you really know that though?

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    They are all sh1t billy..just ask WTF for more details

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    Flint, yes. Bath, yes. Helander, hmm mm. Elphick, no thanks. Probability of any coming to Leeds? Nil

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    Would be helander first choice with Flint as back up

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    Linked tonight to Harold Voyer from PSG. So are Barcodes.

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    Mathew Pennington or Michael Dawson.
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    Dawson is injury prone, Pennington is unproven, batth is average, voyer no idea but young from what I've heard, elphick is average.

    Now helander is a Sweden international with experience of having played with Jansson so they could form a good partnership

    And Flint is a big strong fella at 6'5, can score goals from set pieces, and has some championship experience, he would do as backup for jansson and helander

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    Looks like it's Pennington, season loan.

    Done some good stuff in the lower leagues on loan, thoughts on how he might shape up if he does indeed come to ER?

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    think he might be alright, after all Bartley was a loaner too. What worries me about losing Bartley though wasnt just his steadying influence at the back, but also his goals, think he got 4 or 5, which was more than our entire midfield combined last season [lets hope the new signings know where the net is].

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