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Thread: A red tag to the spunk trumpet, but hey ho.

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    A red tag to the spunk trumpet, but hey ho.

    I know you dont like it when anyone apart from the Eberdeen eejit posts stuff from the Hun site, but it's funny and I couldnt let this one go, all to do with Super Leigh winding up the Linfield scum.

    godrup99 said:
    1 Day Ago
    Default Re: Lee Griffiths clearly inciting fans
    He really does need taken to task about this.

    Bogtrotters may find it hilarious he's insulting every clubbers does this to and it's no coincidence it's us and Linfield.

    He will need stopped before he gets what he's asking for, which let's be honest is a crack on the jaw. This won't end well for him as he is neither bright enough or big enough to stop himself.

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    Aye this spunk trumpet?? The snakes??


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    Nope, wrong again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevvy too 2 View Post
    Nope, wrong again.

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