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Thread: Sammy Ameobi-I was only joking, man

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    Sammy Ameobi-I was only joking, man

    At a wedding in Pitlochry last night (canny place, as it goes) so didn't have me usual curry. Me stomach would think me throat had been cut if I didn't have one so off I trotted tonight...on a Sunday, I know!

    Anyhoo, Sammy was in there and one of the waiters said it was his last night cos he's off to Bolton tomorrow and Sammy said 'aye'. Well, he grunted cos he was more interested in his phone, but y'knaa. One of the other waiters said 'where's that autograph you promised me' and Sammy smiled.

    Sensing the chance to have a wee bit craic with a North East sporting icon I joined in by saying 'howay man, it's not Shola, you know...'

    I smiled...

    Sammy's smile dropped off his face faster than Myleene's knickers drop when she sees me.

    Sammy, man....I was only kidding.

    I wasn't like....

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    Haha nice one zip
    Did you see him V indaloo or was he at a table?

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    Ah, he couldn't stop, man...he was in a bit of a curry.

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    Apparently last time he was there he banged his head and fell into one of the large cooking pots....was in a korma for a while...

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    Being a big fan of curries, he's hoping to knock on the door at Bolton and they'll shout 'cumin...'

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    I think his Naan is quite pleased he's off...

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    Busy day for him tomorrow, though...he'll probably fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pilau...

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    Mind, when i made that crack about his signature, i did see his shoulders saag...

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    Aloo, is anyone online?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippity View Post
    Aloo, is anyone online?
    yup lol

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    huh naebody here

    ya can hear the echoes.................

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    Looks like Zippity's spiced this topic right up.

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    No, man- Aloo was another pun!

    Now I just look needy. :-(

  14. #14 I'm going to poppadummy in my mouth and sulk...

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    Good god. . . love it Zip

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    dear me!

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    This topic is not destined to phaal.

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    All this posting on your own zip
    You are single handed lay keeping the board going

    Deffinitely some good korma heading your way

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    Soory i was out with my naan

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