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Thread: Make your choice, where will we finish?

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    Make your choice, where will we finish?

    Okay let's get the annual guessing game started.

    Warne has disposed of and brought in 'his' players who he thinks will do the job.

    Based on what he's achieved here's your chance to tell us where in League one we will finish at the end of the coming season.

    It's 'Bragging' rights only and no stupid 'I've got more than you to wager' statements where we'll finish. If you're that good at predicting wager a bet with a bookie.

    So purely for fun, I feel we will make the play offs so I'm going for a very optimistic 6th position.

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    9th for me. Flirt with play offs but not quite make em. Lack of fire power main prob.

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    Depends on January transfer window.

    It's a long hard season and I get the feeling that if we're there or there about TS will give more funds January.

    On the evidence of signings so far 8th

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    Difficult to pre-judge what might happen in what remains of this and the next transfer window but surely we're going to invest in the squad eventually so I'll raise you one, Brin, and go for 5th.

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    I had a nightmare and we finished 20th. That wasn't the nightmare, PW had been sacked and AS reappointed

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    13th. Which is a Funny position in mid table because you're battling relegation and promotion at the same time so it's all good.

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    This season's surprise team.

    Automatic promotion place

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    6th after a late run and we go into the playoffs as the team with momentum 😊

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    Go 11th as defensive frailties are still in place and new blood in defence is iffy

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    12th. As long as we don't plummet, stay clear of relegation and get some optimism, that'll be ok for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grist_To_The_Mill View Post
    This season's surprise team.

    Automatic promotion place
    I agree mate-lets be confident

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    Mid table obscurity. 12th.

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    7th ..we miss out on the play offs by 2 points and you lot want Warnes out

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    Am I the top tipster on here or what. Top 3 min'. 8-1 to get promotion gone. Only 3-1 now. Bookies how often are they wrong?

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    Just checked the odds. Sky bet we're 15-2 to get promotion. 25-1 to be league 1 champions. Never use Sky bet cause you've got to open an account + you can't put above a low amount on. William Hills just got the odds for outright winners of league I, we're 25-1 also. So that's a risk but I watched abit of that league last year on Sky & wasn't impressed.

    We are 2-1 to win at Fleetwood, that could be worth a go.

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    My money is already on the Millers and Charlton to go up. Oldham and Wimbledon to go down if we finish outside the top 6 I will be disappointed

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    Hmm it's tough I realy think we will be in top 6 easy because I can't think of a better squad than ours and for that reason alone I'm going to say 1st

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    Top 10 finish. Depending on luck, signings will determine where in the top 10 we finish.

    Id say autos is extremely unlikely tbh.

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    An 11th and a 7th from ours....son a bit more optimistic than I am.

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