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Thread: Nearly here. Hopes? Predictions?

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    Nearly here. Hopes? Predictions?

    A long time since we had 3 South Coast teams in the top flight. Will be some achievement for all 3 to be there at the end but I don't see why not? The top 6 from last season are not easy to predict either. Some massive spending but are they all worth it? Not sure. Saints? VVD aside I'm hoping we can build on the squad, once the new management team have had the chance to access what's needed. I also hope the off field sale is just Unless Richard Branson is even more interested ��

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    Lets hope we get a first class replacement for VVD out of all the profit we will make on him!

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    Tonight's performance wasn't encouraging.

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    The game against the Erics was dire but we looked much better against the Spanish.

    Another cup final would be nice, had a cracking day out last season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaintD View Post
    Lets hope we get a first class replacement for VVD out of all the profit we will make on him!
    Van Sulk can do one off calshot head for all i care...... Absolute $hit gibbon

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    Sh*t gibbon?

    Hopes/predictions; I predict you'll finish 13th, I hope you finish 19th, and that's because I'm nice.

    Btw where do you lot play these days seeing as you've all deserted this place?

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    Hoping for some entertaining football which was sadly missing for most of last season. Away performances were better last season.
    This season I would like to see some of that away form at home.
    Also hoping for a settled squad with minimal injuries to contend with.
    Prediction? 10th place.

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    Had a day out on the train for a change instead of driving. Was nice to have a beer in the sun. Came back with a new shirt and a copy of the Big Issue ��. First half I thought was very promising other than toothless finishing. Second half was more of the same until the inevitable conclusion. I suppose I should be grateful we didn't concede after an hour as we seemed to do too often last season.

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