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Thread: Fantasy League News 2017/2018

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    Thanks Rosie and well done Yubby. It's all getting rather exciting recently!
    Next aim top 4!

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    Thanks Rosi, Sis and Bingo.

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    Thanks for another amazing write up Rosie. I’m hanging on by my fingernails here with half my team out injured with a 75% chance of playing but never do! Not to mention coping with Pep’s rotation policy! Just packing for my trip to Norway to play my 8 men against the mighty Cato. Hopefully back in time for Christmas and keeping the VillaMad flag flying.

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    Week 19

    In the words of Bon Jovi ‘Woah we’re halfway there’ yep we have reached midway in the fixture list. Although I am sure there will be many more twists and turns along the way before our VM Fantasy League champ is crowned.


    12 captains took to the field with Lukaku and Kane top managerial picks with 3 nominations each.

    ❤️King Kane 👑❤️ ruled supreme with 34 festive points, followed by Nuc’s Aguero 2 points adrift on 32 points and Sterling 26points. Special mention to Salah 20 points and Jagielka 18 points.


    A three way tie this week on 83 sparkling points between Yubby with Ihaveahotwife⭐️,Iwuz with The Crimson Tide⭐️ and Rosie with TAG’s. Well played guys and naturally well played me. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Highest scoring team however with a ding dong 96 points was the managerless TDFC so that was some fete and deserves our Secret Santa award. 🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻

    TOP 6


    Pedigree Chump

    2. Hubball’s Harriers
    3. Gornal Villians
    4. Kirkley Krusaders
    5. Mr Tee
    6. Cubist Masterpiece

    Dazzy not only retains top spot but breaks the 1,000 points barrier with 1014 points. ⭐️

    Sam up into 2nd place at Gornal’s expense. ⭐️

    Jesh leap frogs Uncle Tony into 4th place. ⭐️

    Picasso’s turn in 6th place as he replaces Bongo. ⭐️


    15. TAG’s
    16. TDFC
    17. Chinese Takeaway


    Uncle Tony scoops the Christmas Drongo award 45 points.

    No tokens played this week.

    Week 20 ends 28th December


    Picasso and Cubist Masterpiece return from Norway victorious and find they are the only VM representatives left in the Cup.


    Pedigree Chump

    4th Round Draw

    Home tie for Picasso

    Cubist Masterpiece v Game of Throw-In’s

    MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎅🏻🤶🏻⛄️☃️

    ps Make sure you get your team sheets in before you down too much Christmas cheer. 🥃🍷🥂🍻🍺🍹🍾🍸

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    Well done Dave for getting 96 points without even trying! Thanks for another great report Rosie. Yikes! Not sure I can handle the responsibility of carrying the VM flag in the cup on my own. Here’s hoping. Have a good Christmas everyone........until Boxing Day!

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    I thought I had a good week and was looking forward to check the table expecting a move up to 5th. However I didn't realise everyone else had a good week and I dropped to 7th.

    Nice one Rosie and well done Dave!

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    Week 20

    Just a quickie write up.


    Super K was top manager pick with 8 nominations and he duly rewarded them with 34 stupendous Boxing Day points, followed by Uncle Tony’s Coutinho with 26 points and third Salah with 18 points.


    With 97 stupendous points not only sees Iwuz and Crimson Tide scoop this weeks award but also sees the Tide rise to 9th place. Well played Iwuz ⭐️ 👏👏👏👏👏

    Special mention for Sam and the Harriers with 94 points. 👏👏👏👏👏

    TOP 6

    1. Pedigree Chumps
    2. Hubball’s Harriers
    3. Mr Tee
    4. Gornal Villians
    5. Cubist Masterpiece
    6. Kirkley Krusaders

    Uncle Tony reclaims 3rd place with Gornal slipping down to 4th. Picasso juggling 🤹 both with League and Cup up to 5th with Jesh dropping to 6th.

    5 teams have now scored more than 1000 points with a definite possibility of 5 more joining them after gameweek 21 fixtures have been completed.


    15. TDFC
    16. Ozstan Villa
    17. Chinese Takeaway

    DRONGO 🎩

    Gornal whose team regrettably have decided to emulate Villa scoops the hat at a canter this week with 39 miserable-points. 🤬


    An enthralling tense game against Game of Throw In’s ended in a draw 77 points each.

    However, with Masterpiece scoring 5 goals against Throw In’s 4 sees them through to the next round.

    A stroke of managerial genius saw Picasso play his Triple Captain token on Salah earning 27 points. 😜😛😝 ⭐️

    5th ROUND DRAW

    Ambar v Cubist Masterpiece

    Picasso certainly seeing the world they have been drawn away to a team from Brazil.

    Good luck 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

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    Thanks Rosie. Kinda enjoying this globetrotting while it lasts!

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    Nice one Rosie. I've noticed your team is having an up turn in form. Well done Iwuz! Bit of a gap opening with Sam and Dazzy doing well.

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    Hey Sis I'm still no1

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    Quote Originally Posted by yubbywelch View Post
    Hey Sis I'm still no1
    Holding on by a fingernail

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    Week 21


    8 nominations for captain this week including 2 managers who went with Kane. 😝😜

    Salah ⭐️ top choice with 6 managers and he delivered 28 glorious points for their teams.

    No one else worth mentioning a very poor effort.


    Yubby and his team Ihaveahotwife have been on fire 🔥 performance wise over the last few weeks so it will come has no surprise to see him scoop the award with 74 outstanding points. Well played Yubby. ⭐️

    TOP 6

    1. Pedigree Chump
    2. Hubball’s Harriers
    3. Ihaveahotwife
    4. Cubist Masterpiece
    5. Kirkley Krusaders
    6. Bongo United

    After this weeks tremendous result Yubbs shoots up to 3rd place. Picasso and Jesh move up to 4th and 5th respectively and Bongo regains 6th place.

    Uncle Tony and Gornal relinquish their top 6 status.

    Sam making inroads into Dazzy’s lead.


    15. Ozston Villa
    16. TDFC
    17. Chinese Takeaway

    DRONGO 🎩

    No Drongo this week.

    With effect from next game week will leave Arran along with Dave out of the Drongo equation.

    Looked like Arnie had been around with the body count rising this game week. With so many of the ‘elite’ players appearing to be injured 🤕 team selection is going to be a managerial nightmare.🤔
    DeBruyne, Salah, Kane 😭😢, Lukaku and Jesus. What’s worrying are we having the wool pulled over our eyes by Pep, Klopp and co. 😱

    Wildcard is available who is going to be first to use it. 😛

    Gornal played his Triple Captain token. No comment I don’t want to bring back the pain. 🤬


    Picasso and Masterpiece return triumphant after a 39-50 victory against their Brazilian opponents Ambar.

    6th Round Draw

    No Kane No Gain v Cubist Masterpiece

    Another away draw for Picasso however he swaps the sun, samba and carnival atmosphere of Brazil for a return to wet and dismal Blighty.

    Good Luck 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

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    Blimey Yubby is ripping it up in recent weeks. Well done my friend! Yubby is 3rd! I have to wipe my glasses! Is almost as odd as when Oz was doing the same????
    Nice one Rosie!
    I'm 100 points off dazzy so I'm not giving up the ghost just yet.

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    3rd. 1st Bingo.

    I think my rise has been more about those crumbling around me.

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    No mate you have a good team and the strong defence is paying dividends for you Sam and Dazzy. I put all my eggs in one basket and went for the dream midfield and strikers. I don't even know half your team but they still keep scoring.
    I'm still going to win the league though.

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    Flying solo at the minute, I have all my details lost since the thieves stole my laptop so no Manager and just checking in, cannot even make a sub!!!
    Already thinking of a New LT and the New Season..

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    Thank you so much for keeping us updated over the Christmas hols, Rosie! Much appreciated

    You're not doing too badly considering you can't access your team , TD! You're making Arran look clueless.

    It pains me to admit it, Yubbs, but you have picked a good team this season. Me suspects either my hot sis in law is helping you. Or Dad. No way could you have done that on your own. Huh! Amazing that you are still no 1 in your league though. Considering the competition.

    Trust BB to play his free hit when there's claret and blue double. Even if it is the wrong shade. Giggles.

    My gamble on Kane being well enough to start v Swansea to justify a triple captain didn't pay off. Have sent him to bed with 3_packs of Lemsip so he can score a double hat trick tomorrow.

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    Thanks Rosie for a brilliantly report.. ⭐️

    Well played Sam , out managed me over Xmas as not making excuses as I let me guard down and didn’t pay enough attention regards Kane ! 👍

    Loving being up there for a change as my sub team at work I’m second from bottom lol

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    Week 22


    Only 5 nominations for captain this week, three of them Spurs players along with Aguero and Dave’s Jagielka.

    Casting aside any doubts that their chosen one wouldn’t play 11 managers gave Kane the armband, hoping to cash in on a massive points haul from the two games. As we now know this turned into a tactical nightmare. 😱 🤬

    We chose the wrong Spurs man only Nuc had the wisdom to pick Alli and he duly rewarded him with 20 points ⭐️ followed by Yubby’s Erickson with 16 points and Aguero with 12.


    Our first winner of 2018 is Oz with Ozston Villa who amassed an awesome 62 points ⭐️ Congratulations 👏👏👏👏👏

    TOP 6

    1. Pedigree Chump
    2. Hubball’s Harriers
    3. Ihaveahotwife
    4. Mr Tee
    5. Kirkley Krusaders
    6. Cubist Masterpiece

    Uncle Tony up to 4th at the expense of Picasso who slides down to 6th.

    Dazzy’s lead over Sam is slowly diminishing and is now only 25 points.


    15. Ozston Villa
    16. TDFC
    17. Chinese Takeaway

    DRONGO 🎩

    Iwuz and the Tide find themselves out of their depth this week securing the first Drongo of 2018 with a measly 38 points.

    A hat trick of Wildcards played :-

    Uncle Tony

    Free Hit Token

    Triple Captain Token
    Winnie only managed 9 points playing her token on Kane. 😢😱


    Picasso’s cup dreams have come to an end for this season with a 58-38 loss to No Kane No Gain. 🤬

    Thank you guys for your kind.comments. 😘☺️😁

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    Another top notch report, Rosie! Thank you.

    Kane in dog house after squandering my triple captain token. He said I should have listened when he said he had "Man Flu"

    Congrats to Oz! That brand new pair of smartypants you put on for 2018 seems to be working! Giggles.

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