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Thread: Fantasy League News 2017/2018

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    Six of our managers where left shocked and stunned 😫😩 after witnessing captain Lukaku's penalty miss. The vision of at least a 12 point haul disappeared in a puff of smoke and the reality that their hero had amassed zilch points finally dawned on them. 😝😛😜 much to the delight of the remaining 11 🤗. However our six teams where breathing a sign of relief when it became clear all captains on display had a mare. Picasso with Pogba and Yubby with DeBruyne finished joint top with 6.


    This week Jesh and Kirkley Krusaders claim the award with 59 hard earned points. Well done Jesh especially with Lukaku scoring zero. ⭐️


    A new leader has emerged this week ousting Gornal from top spot.

    1. Mr Tee - Tony
    2. Gornal Villans - Gornal
    3. Hubball's Harriers - Jose
    4. Pedigree Chump - Dazzy
    5. Cubist Masterpiece - Picasso
    6. Aston Lilla - HJ


    15. Billesley Villans - BB
    16. Chinese Takeaway - Arran
    17. TDFC - Dave

    I think the TAG's will be entering the bottom three shortly, they are dropping like the proverbial stone. 😰

    DRONGO 🎩

    Joint Drongo winners this week:-

    TDFC - Dave secures his second hat, although his team are playing with 10 men. 😜

    Bongo the Drongo - Steady Eddy Bongo secures his first hat after a poor performance sees him drop out of the top six 😢.

    This week sees BB and Winnie cash in their Wildcards.

    There where some significant points earned by the subs for a number of teams. I am sure there are some Bench Boost regrets.

    I hope Jose will warmly congratulate Uncle Tony on achieving top spot, perhaps Uncle Tony would grant us an interview with his thoughts for the coming season. 😝😛😜

    2 weeks break so at least some of us can get the drawing board out again in preparation for the 9th September fixtures.

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    I took an 8 point hit just to get a drongo!! 😭 oh well it's not how hard you hit its the amount of time you can be hit and still move forward (quote rocky).

    Thanks Rosie

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    Cheers Rosie... I had a text off my uncle that simply said

    "Catch me if you can only 35 games to go"

    I'm letting you into a little secret this week. José is using his wildcard as a certain striker proved once again that August is not his month. Hint hint

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    Sam is he getting rid of Gabby?

    I know the amazing striker isn't in the Premier League these days, but he has the same score after a few games

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    Love your work Rosie.

    Catching Sis.

    Enjoy the basement Bingo.

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    My side is now mouth watering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bongosdad View Post
    My side is now mouth watering.
    Why? Are they now all window lickers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yubbywelch View Post
    Love your work Rosie.

    Catching Sis.

    Enjoy the basement Bingo.

    Yes, me too, Rosie. It must take ages going through all our teams to write these reports. Thank you.

    You can't catch me bro!

    Well, maybe next game week as I'm being really really nice to you and taking a 16 point hit just to give you a fighting chance. Ok. Here's what really happened. I'm so daft. I was playing about with my team and transfers and I must have been on automatic pilot as I somehow ended up just authorising the changes and oopsy!

    Jose would never have been that stupid.

    Congrats to Uncle Tony and Jesh!

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    Thanks for the great write ups Rosie. Frustrating games this fantasy footy but I'm happy to be on the shoulder.

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    Is that Stateside on top? It wont last

    Top right up Rosie. Winnie has passed the baton to a worthy successor

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozfan View Post
    Is that Stateside on top? It wont last

    Top right up Rosie. Winnie has passed the baton to a worthy successor
    Not me Oz. Sorry to disappoint.

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    Cakeside is soft, hence his name. He didn't want to play this year.

    I'm gunna call him marshmellow.

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    You wussed out?!? How come? Thought you enjoyed your inaugural season.

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    I didn't have time to give to it this year.

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    Thanks for your kind comments guys. ��❤️

    I remember Winnie's funny pantomime themed report, perhaps if I bribed her with extra points she may give us a one off Winnie Special. ��

    Answer to question please.

    When you obviously reply to a comment it has Reply - Reply with a quote - "+

    What does "+ do because I pressed it and a ✅ appeared.
    Last edited by VillaRosie; 30-08-2017 at 01:44 PM.

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    I remember a panto one, Rosie, but after writing so many updates and sooooo much nonsense, the contents are a bit of a blur. The one that stands out in my mind is the Mohammed Ali "I am the greatest" boxing themed one, inspired by Bongo's 120th "Greatest manager in Wales" boast. I remember I was struggling to think of a theme that week and then Bongo wrote that now infamous post, and it was "Thank you, Bongo!"

    Rosie, mine only really touched on the details of the comp itself, and were more about what was happening in the PL and on the board in any given week. Mostly just nonsense. Your eye for detail and methodical way of working gives us all a far better idea of what is acually happening in the FL and has really enhanced the competitiveness of the League.

    If ever you need or want a week off though, I'm happy to dust off my FL quill and ink and give it a go.

    Hmm ... I hovered over the plus sign and it said "Multi-quote this message". I think it may be for using more than one person's quote in any one post? I'm a bit of a cave girl when it comes to technology though so I'm maybe not the best person to answer.
    Last edited by MissWinnie; 31-08-2017 at 11:00 PM.

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    I'm 42,378 in Wales at the moment

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    Always bragging!

    Stateside I'd be lucky to spend 30 minutes a month on my side. Get a team in it's not too late!

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    Atomic FC fired me, hopefully another side will pick me up in the future, but in the meantime I will watch from the TV booth for this season and chip in with comments here and there.

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