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Thread: Fantasy League News 2017/2018

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    Fantasy League News 2017/2018

    ITS BACK !!!!!!!

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    First of all welcome TD and his team TDFC to VM Fantasy League. I have a feeling your going to be good at this Dave and that's worrying.

    If everyone is agreeable instead of posting the top three weekly scores I propose to have a Manager of the week medal awarded to the manager/team with the highest point score, likewise I will not post the league positions every week when there is no change. Drongo of the week will stay though. Hope that's ok.

    A busy closed season for our managers wheeling and dealing, decisions, decisions do we include any ex Villa players in our team. Bongo in turmoil because Gabby is ineligible, Freer has kindly offered to push through a transfer on some unsuspecting Premiership club. Last seen Gabby wearing a Villa shirt with Kodjia on the back. With most managers clueless on the players Man City. Chelsea etc have spent squillions on spending hours slumped over their computers consulting Google.

    So with copious free team changes coming to an end Friday our team sheets must be handed in and our teams revealed.

    Just a few thoughts to ponder:-

    Who will panic first and play their Wildcard?

    Who will play the Free Hit token first?

    Does everyone fully understand the Free Hit token?

    Will anyone confuse the Free Hit token with the Wildcard?

    Who will be the first to whine?

    Will Rosie again play her Triple Captain token and not realise she has? Stands a good chance

    How come Josh King was a midfielder last season and now he's a forward?

    Super Computer's latest predictions on the possible favourites for the coveted cup based on last years finishing positions.

    HJ - Aston Lilla
    Iwuz - The Crimson Tide

    The current joint holders of the title and must be in with chance of defending it.

    BB - Billesley Villans

    A highly respected manager could see his team up for title challenge this year.

    Jose Hubball - Hubball's Harriers

    VM's very own Portugeezer. The ever modest Jose feels its his year for the title however does worry about his arch nemesis Winnie giving him a good run for his money.

    Arran - Chinese Takeaway

    A previous title winner could possibly mount a challenge.

    Picasso - Cubist Masterpiece

    Having some midfield injury woes with his current team but last season had a brilliant finish. Could be a surprise package.

    Winnie-Winnie's Warriors

    A previous winner so Winnie's got the pedigree, talent and class (hope you like the build up) to take on the lads. Especially likes putting Aussie's in their place.

    Or could one of us outsiders spring a surprise.

    So lets see how good Super Computer is at predicting.

    16 teams registered at the moment. 38 game weeks of blood, sweat and tears ahead. I wish you all


    Remember Arsenal v Leicester kicks off the opening fixture on Friday 11th August.
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    Amen to all that VR, thank you for your efforts getting me on board

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    Awesome Rosie!!! I'm getting really excited now. I still can't work out my side.

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    Well done rosie - to make it easier for you tho just write

    The SPECIAL ONE LIVED UP TO HIS NAME when I win each week. And good luck to all the other managers for taking part

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    Rosie you maybe a sweet and lovely lady, but as with everyone else in this comp, I am going to take no prisoners (cause they're all here already) and woop every single one of you!

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    Yubby unless you have been studying my autobiograpghy "Being the Special One" - you have no hope in making up the 9 places you were behind me and my wonderful team last year.

    And unless you have found a player likely to gain you those extra 200+ points you were so far behind The Special One last year (or can do a Bongo esque feidling of 12 players) you unfortunately will remain mid to bottom of the table.

    And don't think because you are in a country where the wildlife can kill you makes you stronger! You and your team are as lightweight as Fosters piss water

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    Fighting talk! I like it.

    My team is brilliant

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    Quote Originally Posted by bongosdad View Post
    Fighting talk! I like it.

    My team is brilliant
    Your team is only as good as the manager. Your team is as likely to win as a yeti is to do a sponsored walk or gabby Agbonlahor is to get 20 goals a season.

    There's a flaw in your team - and I haven't even seen it - but you are the manager and that is the flaw.

    You can't have a special team because you are not the Special One #mememe

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    Thanks for the pre-season build up Rosie. I shall remain publicly humble, supportive and respectful of my fellow mangers. Privately however, I shall be jumping around and celebrating every goal, assist and clean sheet my team can achieve!

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    Yubby. Westwood is the lad you need. Mark my words!!

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    Yubby. Listen to Dad!!

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    Love the pre-season write up, Rosie!!

    I'll probably be up for the panic Wild Card prize. I think the most I've lasted with my pre-season choices is about two weeks!

    Will Sam's head actually fit into the dug out, or even the stadium?

    I chose my strikers and then did a lazy auto complete and am only just looking at choosing the rest of my team after realising I've only got 2 more evenings to select! Last minute panic time!!!

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    I think the title of my autobiography would be "The Lazy One".

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    Quote Originally Posted by yubbywelch View Post

    Sam! I think you managaged a first in this competition. I do believe you actually managed to render Yubby speechless!!

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    No sis my mouth was full of food.

    I ended up using my 3.5 with a full injury clouds game one.

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    Great stuff Rosie.. looking forward to it now and will be surprised if I'm not fighting it out at the finish (for the title not relegation) lol

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    We have 17 teams now in the league. Nuc leaving it late but is it a ploy to unsettle us. 😜😛😝

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    Nuc is scared, as is Cakeside

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    My title winning team is in now. No more changes. There seems some very low ownerships for some very promising players. I can't wait for this!

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