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Thread: Bolton game

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    Bolton game

    Anyone going tonight? I will be there hoping it will be a good game. Will be interesting to see how we fare

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    Like a lot of comments on social media, I thought the first 60 mins we played some good football and held our own against Championship opposition. We had some good chances to go 2 or 3 up but failed to put it in the net. The lads run themselves ragged and once they made the 3 subs we were looking tired. I know the bench is a bit thin on the ground but surely Artell could have brought some fresh legs on sooner.
    Some real positives from the team again but some basic mistakes too. Enjoyable game and we have the basis of a decent team this year.

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    Yes we had a good first hour and could qute easily been more than one goal up. But after Bolton made the triple change it was obvious our midfield was being overrun and they could not cope. Feel That DA and KL failed to address this change in the game.

    I believe we should have changed our formation to 4-3-3, bringing on Pickering at left back. This would have allowed Walker to move into the midfield replacing a tiring Lowery. Would also have freed Cooper for a more attacking role. At the same time I would also have subbed Ainley for Bowery who works so hard and causes the opponents to be more defensively minded.

    Until Ray returns from injury I think 4-3-3 should be our formation. We definitely need a more physical presence in our midfield and Walker would provide that. He would also be more likely to link up with our forwards.

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    Squad is very stretched with injuries to key men and, under old loan rules we would have borrowed short term by now is my guess. DA could have brought on fresh legs but they would have been more very young players. Think we need to sign at least one more player and I imagine Davis getting Orient job will have freed up around 35k which he would have been paid August to January???

    Is Udoh still around? Injured? Just not in the frame?

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    I guess it's down to whether he thought we could win the game. If the answer was yes, the defenders and midfielders on the bench wouldn't have been up to it, but he should want to win the game.

    My concern is that they are all fit enough for 90 minutes on Saturday against a physical Newport County side who have had an extra days rest. I would have taken off 3 for that reason alone.

    On the more substantive point about the squad, I believe that Jones, Bowery and Bakayoko will be available soon and hopefully Ray not long afterwards. So the right decision not to get panic loans in until January and have an experienced pro warming the bench from October onwards. If Ray turns out to be longer term then get someone in; Nolan can play CH when Zooms is back, but I would be worried about the lack of pace at CH without George - it's been an Achilles heel for years.

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    A little unlucky last night but we did lose. When Zooms returns why not move NG to centre half and Nolan to right back?

    I thought yet again Lowery was great (apart from one really bad pass) and deserved m.o.m. To the opposition he must be like that fly you sway away but keeps coming back and you can't get rid of.

    Is Alexleicester stilll about or is he on holiday?

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    I was very pleased with our performance last night. Good play and plenty of strength shown.
    I think we've got a gem in Lowery- just hope referees give him some protection as he's already come in for a lot punishment. We clearly tired as a team after an hour but rallied for the last 7 or 8 minutes.
    So Newport next. Will someone else score, will we score from kick, will someone other than George provide the assist?

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