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Thread: Amavi gone

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    Amavi gone

    Marseilles snapped up the young left back. To be honest he couldn't cut it in our division with tricky wingers that have a go at you. The top leagues is more about passing and teams hold wingers back it seems. Not allowing them to cut up a defender unless there is no other option. Teams found him out and we are lucky we got what we did for him.

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    Well goodbye and thanks for nothing. To my calculations we now have 20 million in sales so why the need / panic to sell because of the FFP rules? It's just a front to get rid of the deadwood!!

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    We only loaned him

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    The deal is 9 million as long as he stays fit, they can send him back if his knee goes otherwise the money is in the bank! It's not a typical Loan deal..

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    On top of that Radio WM sport just announced tell deal was a permanent move with conditions!!

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    I need to figure out how to change my avatar now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yubbywelch View Post

    I need to figure out how to change my avatar now.
    Just follow instructions in the settings mate, it sorts out the 'pixel' stuff out for ya.

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    Yeah I had a crack, just need to have a clear head and patience next try

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