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Thread: Are Villa just turning on to a giant dinosaur!

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    Are Villa just turning on to a giant dinosaur!

    Like Sheffield Wed, Leeds Bolton even?
    Are we witness villa turning the corner after years of neglect and a return to higher grounds or are we really just a dying dinosaur and we the fans are just in denial?
    Can we really get promotion and what if we don't?
    We have gone past being a joke team we are not recognised as a has been, back in the day, stuck in the 80's team who have now milked their history to death! Are we the real deal or just the great pretenders? Do we really know our place or does it get worse? Is Tony Xia here for the log term or can we expect another owner next season?
    Whst is the statement that says....Look out guys ' Villa are back' ?
    Are we all just confused by the 'Fog of War' should we not just accept we are just not very good and should learn to let go?
    Or are we going to wake up and actually be a force once again? All those people who scoffed and grumbled at finishing 6th in the premiership and slating zmon for fielding the kids in the Europa league hold your head in shame, just what would we do to get back to those days eh!

    For me, I think we are still in transition and could be in this division for several more years if not lower. It is our own doing and even know I'm starting to dream of being in the premiership rather than 'expecting it'

    I feel many more years of payne to come but would love to be wrong.
    Last night we played a team 2 leagues below us and looked ' Ordinary '

    Phoenix from the flames or just a dinosaur?

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    Remember about last night. It was Colchester's cup final. The conditions were awful and not conducive to a good game. All three goals were down to fortune. We had 3 starters playing with 3 debutants. We brought off the bench 2 more youth players and a player who hasn't played since October 16. We bossed the game by all accounts despite a couple of wretched performances from 1 or 2 or 3 players. I've never seen a Villa player get a rating of 2 before!

    I believe we have the right players to take us up, we still need a left back behind Taylor and a forward if McCormack leaves and we should be good if Bruce doesn't screw it up.

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    While I totally respect your views there is nothing to give me any hope in that reply? A lot if excuses maybe but what about Hull on Sat? I'm really thinking Cardif are going to turn us overy at the weekend.
    I'm just looking for some hope something that says this year wI'll be different!

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    To be brutally honest dave - it isn't like a future is written in the stars. The future starts from where we are. It's not as if in 10 years time it'll be said that we went up and then the new chapter began. Nor is it written that we are to spend the next decade bouncing around the lower leagues with different owner after different owner.

    We shall be and become whatever happens. What will be will be.

    This team is not great and not the worst I've seen in claret and blue. We might get promoted we might not. I like the championship it is a step nearer real football and away from quater of a billion pound Brazilians.

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    It all began under Dr Xia when he didn't break the bank to lure Herr Wagner away from Huddersfield. We needed a bright young mind instead we got managers who's time had passed.

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    What do you call a gay dinosaur.


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    Quote Originally Posted by yubbywelch View Post
    What do you call a gay dinosaur.

    Unless it is a lesbian dinosaur. Then it is a Lickalotopus

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    He should always be slated for sending the B squad to Europa. Traveling fans paid out a lot of money to go and deserved to see the best team we could put out. Disrespected the competition and the fans. But yes I'd take a 6th place finish in the EPL. Hell I'd take a 6th place finish in the Champs.

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    Don't wanna be knee jerk here but I honestly think the first 5 games will tell us what's gonna happen.

    Win 4/5 n we're going up or even 3/5 n two draws but anything less n it's another crap season moaning like an old women every Saturday

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    The Cardif game will tell us loads, a win there will make people sit up but if we go down with a whimper then it's good night Vienna!!

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    Not for me! In 1974-75 we drew 1-1 at home to Hull and lost miserably 2-0 (????) at Cardiff

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    Quote Originally Posted by stateside View Post
    Not for me! In 1974-75 we drew 1-1 at home to Hull and lost miserably 2-0 (????) at Cardiff
    Its not looking good as the omens are there and it was virtually a repeat of what you predicted, worse even!

    As I said lose with a whimper and that's just what we did, so it really does look like 'Goodnight Vienna' well for Bruce anyway!

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