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Thread: Motherwell and Aberdeen price deal

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    Motherwell and Aberdeen price deal

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    A pretty good deal all things considered but we could go further as some folk will find a tenner just too much. In an ideal world, I'd like to see our football priced at 8 for adults and say 4 for concessions. However that would required unilateral action by other clubs and that just won't happen.

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    Think price is geared to having no or very little need for coinage for cahange,also means turnstiles can cash up quicker and easier to carry notes when turnstiles have cashed up than to carry hundreds of coins that's just my opinion as to gate prices,club should be congratulated for trying to encourage fans to the cup tie.

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    Also a decent idea with the season tickets. I think something like that should be done long term between all the clubs in the spfl. It would encourage more people to travel to away games and that can only be a good thing. Also would make for a better atmosphere.

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