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Thread: Eunan O'Kane

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    Eunan O'Kane

    Is the latest player to sign a new contract, the folk at the top are definitely deciding who they want to be at the club long term, better than bates letting everyone run down to nowt and then leaving for nowt!

    Good news, good player!

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    Definitely sends a good message to the players

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    Not sure what i think of him, not done enough for me yet personally. Good that we are getting everyone signed up though. Makes you wonder what sort of deal he was on though, signing a new deal after only 1 season?

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    The way contracts are being handed out at the moment, i reckon Clive should be knocking on the door.

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    I'm not sure about o'Kane either tbh - i remember at Ipswich last year just thinking he was running around like a headless chicken - not running anything in midfield.

    Personally i prefer one of Bridcutt and Viera to o'Kane as a starter - either of them give you defensive qualities which we were missing against Bolton last week - quite often the midfield was overrun.

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    I wouldn't pick him on me 5-a-side team on a Thursday night. Oh wait, I'm pissed on a Thursday. Maybe it's a Wednesday.....

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