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    So two relatively good games (but just a draw to show). The question is.. have times changed and therefore tomorrow will be a win OR are we ready for the bump down to earth where we have an off day and play dreadfully?
    My prediction is 2-2. What's more, not all our goals will be Porter headers from George Cooper crosses! It's about time Ainley contributed and maybe George will chip in with a goal of his own.

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    Having guessed the first two results correctly, I am going for 2-1 to Crewe.

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    I honestly think we need a new keeper....tall, strong, commanding - someone who will organise the defence like Steve Phillips did so expertly.

    I'd make 2 changes tomorrow: Bowery for Dagnall and Zooms for Nolan.

    3-1 win...Porter, Bowery & Raynes

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    I will join Furberstreet and go for a 2-1 win.

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    Surely we've got to beat the likes of Newport at home if there's going to be progress this season. So I'll go along with Furber and Teammoo with a 2 - 1 Alex win.

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