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Thread: Kayodo joins City

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    Kayodo joins City

    Just heard we've missed out on Kayode to Man City...

    Top scorer/player of the year in Austrian Bundesliga, on verge of joining and Pep's rang him personally.

    Ah well probably explains the reason why Benitez is frustrated as well tbh. Funds are there, players unfortunately (even worse in this market) are more interested in their salary (fair enough)

    But hand on heart, I'd gladly earn 40-50k (vs 60+?) and play every 2 weeks in front of 50k fans rather than warm City's bench but fair enough that's my own opinion and it means ****.

    Benitez has good contacts, he'll find the right players but I think we'll have to wait a few windows before you really start seeing 1st choice options being signed (Merino and Lejuene could be) because of the competition he faces with nothing other than fan base and stadium up your sleeve (it will attract the right players though and that's what ultimately matters to me because they're the ones who gonna help build our club for the long term, not the ones who jump onto different stepping stones, they don't give a **** man.

    FWIW I bet he's pretty decent if Guardiola's belling him up tbf.

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    Lejeune apparently was desperate to play for Rafa he pushed the deal forward his end and was very patient on our end

    I hadn't heard us linked to this Austrian guy, was that recently?

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    he isn't even warming city's bench

    hes away back to austria, where he came from, and hes gpoing out on loasn to spain.

    arsehole - glad we didn't get him - hes just stuffed up his career haha

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    why would city gazump us, just to.put him out on loan.

    if he was any good for us, they could've taken him any time they wanted anyway!

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