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Thread: Best win since....?

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    Best win since....?

    Incredible result!

    I am trying to remember a more impressive result.

    Possibly Leeds 1 Burnley 4 back in the 70's.


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    ...we beat Palace 2-0 to guarantee survival!

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    the league cup win at chelsea was better than yesterday

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    Here you go - 1963 away at Spurs in the Cup on a pitch covered in snow:

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    Orange ball no good to us on black n white tv

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    Since winning the play-off final at Wembley for me. Although we were obviously capable of beating Sheffield United, the rewards for winning were so great I never thought it would/could happen, something was bound to go wrong. Same yesterday, Burnley beating the League Champions on their own ground, first game of the season, just couldn't happen could it, not possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nutsinmay View Post
    Here you go - 1963 away at Spurs in the Cup on a pitch covered in snow:
    I went down for the original game that was postponed, being a bit of a trainspotter in my youth did a tour of the London engine sheds instead. Couldn't get down for the actual game as I was working. I love the clearly dubbed sound track, sounds like the ground's half full of Burnley fans when we score, in reality there wouldn't have been more than a couple of dozen. It was different back then.

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