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Thread: Site had its day????

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    Site had its day????

    48 hours after an eventful home match and NO POSTS!!!

    Has this site gone past its sell-by date?

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    Yes just like the directors of the club ��

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALEXKNOWALL View Post
    48 hours after an eventful home match and NO POSTS!!!

    Has this site gone past its sell-by date?

    Not sure but it's looking a little quiet at the minute.

    If you want my opinion (and you'll get it whether you want it or not! ), it all started to go downhill when the "friendly" fire started and people started to hurl abuse around even though the topics and discussions were (to me) quite interesting. And I'm not talking about the likes of itwasin - not sure what planet he/she was on or indeed which team he/she really supported.
    That drove people away and in many cases, never to return - which was a shame!

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    I wasn't able to go to the match on Saturday and was looking forward to hearing some opinions about the match.

    The fact that the site has become harder to use doesn't help, nor does the fact that we are a happier group of fans now than last season! I'm not complaining about that, by the way.

    It's also been a lot of fun hearing Big Dave's press conferences - nothing we could say on here would come close to some of his quotes. How refreshing it is to hear that rather than the usual managerspeak that SD, SH, the Icelander and even dear old Dario used to produce.

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    Ok here goes.
    By the letter of the law NG was sent off but what annoyed the crowd was the shirt pulling from Newport going unpunished. Also some of their tackles which were not given and when they were no cards one especially on Lowery.
    I don't mind the ref being bad so long as he is bad for both sides. One Welsh paper said our booing was unfair !!!!
    Re the game, the team fought so hard and could have even won it but I think we had to settle for a draw.
    I was looking forward to seeing Walker in midfield but that didn't last long. What a warrior Raynes is and has been needed for a few years.
    Why don't we stay down when hit by a bad tackle. I am thinking yet again of one on Lowery and he just got up. Lowery is an annoying player for the opposition, he just keeps coming back at you. Like the wasp you swat away but it still keeps buzzing around you
    I think all the players gave their all and we would have won with 11 players

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    My first time watching the Alex under DA on Saturday; hard to form much of an opinion when the game is changed by an early sending off, but the lads battled well for a point. I didn't get a great view of Ng's second yellow, but I'd never recommend making a lunging challenge on a yellow. First yellow was a daft pull back. The ref was poor, but ultimately Newport were more cunning with their fouling - same old story.

    Cooper, Garratt and Raynes the pick of the Alex team for me. All our good attacking play came through Cooper. Great assist cutting between two men close to the byline on the right flank to lay it on a plate for Dagnall, and nearly scored repeating the same move on the right corner of the box later in the half - just lifted the curling shot over the bar with the keeper beaten. He gives the ball away in dangerous areas sometimes, but he looks the one player in the team with the quality to go on and play at a higher level.

    Garratt made two excellent point blank saves, and also claimed a couple of high balls into the box under pressure. Raynes looks to be the steel we need at the back. Strong in the air, and one terrific lunging tackle back on Nouble from nowhere when the Newport forward seemed to have all day to finish sticks in the memory.

    Porter didn't impress at all, looks very limited; although it's harder to bring others into play when you're a man down. Might be a bit controversial, but I still don't rate Dagnall. I guess he knows where the net is, perhaps I shouldn't be expecting too much more for a mid-table League Two side. Given the forwards our Academy has produced in recent memory though, I'm disappointed that we don't have any young blood pushing to get into a pretty mediocre forward line.

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