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Thread: New keeper

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    New keeper

    Interesting signing, son of Jussi.
    If he's as good as the son of Peter has proved to be, we could be onto something ........but you'd then have to ask why Bolton let him go ....?!!?
    You'd also have to ask - why 3 keepers? - or is Ben being tapped up??
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    We had three keepers for the second half of last season with the guy from Altrincham. New signing is 19 and will presumably be cover in case Richards or Garrett is injured. Will certainly have potential and has good pedigree.

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    Nice to see him signing in front of the trophy cabinet !!!!! Any guesses where that was bought?

    Also Ben Nugent signs for Gillingham, pleased for him

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    Ben Garrett is being watched by Arsenal three times they have watched him already this season he won't be here by the end of August unless we negotiate a loan back clause

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