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    Perry Ng

    I don't know about the rest of you but I've got a lot of time for Perry and I think he will go on to make a good career with us at least, if not with a bigger club.
    I certainly won't be holding Saturday's sending off against him - he's already apologised to his team mates for it, so he know's he did wrong, especially by giving the ref an option to dismiss him.
    I think he had to go but do you, like me, think he was bloody unlucky in the process?

    The first yellow was very soft, a little tug back of the shoulder which would have come to nothing if the opponent hadn't decided to stop to moan and remonstrate. The second was perhaps an over-zealous challenge, especially when on a yellow, but Dolan's appeal to the ref clearly didn't help his cause!!

    Most unfortunate of all though was the fact that he had to watch by as the "victim" of his first yellow, Jos Labadie (Newport skipper), committed 2 potential yellow card fouls in the space of 10 seconds - and received none!! And this guy's got form - being banned twice in the last 2/3 years for biting!! Perry's offences weren't even in the same league!!

    He will be fine I'm sure. I'm curious to see who will provide cover for him though - unless Eddie switches and Zooms returns ...??!!

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    It was just one of those things which he will learn from.
    As yoy say the annoying part was the repeat fouling by Newport that went unpunished

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    I agree that Perry Ng is a good prospect for the future. He will learn not to be impetuous and note the gamesmanship of other professionals.

    I do not know if it is just me but the standard of refereeing in League Two is very poor and ridiculously inconsistent.

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    I think my concerns about referees in League 2 (and from what I've seen on the televised live games throughout the EFL) is that they seem to let a lot more go than their colleagues in the Premiership. Is it just me or would there have been far more fouls (and cards) if the Mansfield (and I understand Newport) game had been either in the Prem or refereed by one of their officials?

    The laws of the game are the same, but their interpretation seems different.

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    I don't care about the number of fouls foul as long as he is consistent
    What I would like to see is the score given to him by both clubs and more importantly the League assessor

    Bring back Uriah Rennie

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