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Thread: Clibbens on the budget and spending...

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    Clibbens on the budget and spending...

    So this "we've spent all we're allowed to under the salary cap" guff.

    What nonsense.

    The salary cap as a % is set by Clibbens before the season starts - and it can be easily changed (when things like unexpected transfer windfalls and cup draws happen), it's not set in stone.

    I'm not advocating we rush out and spunk millions on every single player we can find Abbott-style, but it's disingenuous to suggest we are somehow prevented from investing in a couple more players before the deadline - we aren't.

    Furthermore, how much money would we be left with in the budget if we pooled Clibbens and King's wages?

    Maybe I'm paying him a disservice and he's pleading poverty so he can enter transfer negotiations at a low level, but that's probably crediting him with too much intelligence.

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    Bet it is a cra p job though, even for the money it would make you properly miserable under the current lot.

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