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Thread: Todays game

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    Todays game

    1st half
    started asif we thought it was gonna be an easy game. they started to get stuck in and we never really reacted. fraser had a decent shot and we had alot of badly taken corners but apart from that we done nothing! almost conceded a comical own goal near the end. very poor
    2nd half
    slightly better without really being good enough. still never created much and goal came from nothing really. lewis made a good camera save but just a scrappy rubbish game which suited them.

    made a good save but didnt need to do much overall. (6)
    majority of the game solid, got done a few times by their winger but decent enough. anythings better than toshney(6)
    Solid performance for him. needs to get the blue boots away tho haha (7)
    liking the look of him at the back tbh. no nonsense and clearly a big talker. made some decent tackles/blocks (7)
    starting to become more impressed by him. doesnt get bullied as much as he used to. solid enough performance (7)
    seems to slow the play down alot but he clearly wants to dicate play and be the playmaker. still think he'll be a big player for us but doesnt need to take 4/5 touches all the time. decent enough performance (6)
    works hard and gets stuck in. wasnt as good as previous games but decent enough (6)
    probably his best game overall for us so far but would want him to be more direct imo. seems to beat a man then go back and beat him again for some reason. worked hard and caused them a few problems (7)
    didnt really notice him much but he was the matchwinner so cant complain really. looked better once Nkoyi came on(7)
    thought fraser was not too bad for once. still loads he needs to do to win over people but he took people on and showed some nice touches. hope his injury is just a precaution (7)
    didnt look interested, nothing went for him and looked frustrated. hoping its him still just getting his sharpness back (5)

    was a handful when he came on and linked well with Mcdonald. was more physical than SM and JK. (6)
    thought WF was good when he came on. we upped the tempo once he came on and we started moving the ball around quickier (6)

    they were everything i expected tbh. sat back slightly and worked hard. forced us into long balls and looked to hit on the counter. they actually pressurized us more than i thought they would. they played some decent stuff at times.

    Poor performance but 3 points. thats all the matters. would like to see a big improvement in performances as today was not good enough by a long shot. that was a game we would have lost or drew last season so i can see signs that we can grind out results v stubborn opponents but today we should have been able to win comfortably against part time opposition.

    Top of league so cant complain too much. big game next week much better performance required. FTD

    ** p.s scores more generous due to still winning the game haha

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    Well done as always Daz

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    Listened to McKinnon on Arabzone. For once he actually admitted that the performance wasn't good enough and that the players were disappointed in their own performance. Suggested that Keatings was playing through his injury which maybe is the reason he was so poor today. Quinn looked good to me. Always talking and organising. I thought the introduction of Willo helped today. N'koyi apart from that header looked decent, might be ok when fully fit. 9 points out of 9 is all that really matters. Hopefully the football will get better.

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    aye cheers darren. First time in my life i cant get to games and cant see when i will get again. So these updates are great.


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