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Thread: MK dons (home)predictions

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    MK dons (home)predictions

    A little concerned this game following that display
    It will either continue a trend or buck their ideas up let's hope for a Bradford not Burnley performance.
    0-0 draw with more pressure on the underperforming players.

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    Rovers 2 MK Dons 1

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    2-0 to Rovers. Big, big dose of reality recently, so minds should be concentrated.

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    I was going to go for 2-0 auks. So to avoid a tie ,i will go 3-1 Rovers.
    I hope i am wrong but i have a feeling you will start to put some results together..
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    I will go for a 2:1 win.

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    Ghost wins

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    One thing I certainly wouldn't have predicted at the start of the season is that Danny Graham wouldn't be able to get into the starting line-up!

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    Interesting to see that Blackpool are doing quite well. I wonder how GB will be received at Ewood this season.
    Looking at the League One results so far, it is obvious that there are going to be many teams of about the same standard. I suspect we probably do have an edge in "class" over most of them, but I don't think that's going to count for much.
    TM seems to have decided already that Smallwood and Evans are the two players most suited to the central midfield battle. Once we get some confidence, it may well be that Whittingham can feature in a five-man midfield sometimes, but it's hard to argue with the last two League performances.
    Credit to Mowbray too for his insistence that experience is the ***** factor in L.1. I thought he was being a bit too conservative, but his vast background knowledge is, perhaps, starting to pay off.
    Early days, mind you. We shouldn't read TOO much into two games.
    Are there any more rumours about Lenihan and Mulgrew? If we hang on to both, it will surely be a sign that the Unmentionable Ones are genuinely supporting TM.

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