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Thread: Red card - yes or no?

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    Red card - yes or no?

    I've looked at it a few times now and I'm still not sure.
    What I do know is I would feel aggrieved if it happened to one of ours.
    Anyone think different?
    I doubt if you were there, you'd have any better view than what you get on the highlights.

    What I do know is that I was following the game from Dublin Airport and as soon as I read "red card" followed by "foul on George Cooper", I jokingly turned to my son and said "I bet he rolled around and got the guy sent off! Hope so!"
    When I saw it for myself, I wasn't joking then. When a player goes down and starts patting the ground as though he's in excruciating pain, I've seen so many like that in recent years that you know they're not.
    It's a shame that one of our best players has to resort to something similar.
    If you're hurt, you're hurt, I've no problem with that but don't give me all those antics.
    I don't blame George per se. I blame all the prima donnas at the top that "lead by example"!!!

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    I don't like the rolling around but I don't think we do enough of it compared to other teams. Look at the last 2 home games where Lowery was flattened and he just got up, if he had stayed down and rolled around the opposition would have got a well deserved red.

    Tonge did connect, one legged but watch the other leg try and hook around Coopers other leg

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    Was at the game but had to use TV to make my comment as my live view was poor, Yes the player caught Cooper but I have seen a lot worse with no action taken . The ref was was very close so it was his call but forget Coopers antics , young Tom Lowery indicated straight away that it was a red , he is from the academy and that is good enough for me as they do not tackle at that level

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    The vale cock womble was in mid air when he lunged at George, you do know that intent is also a red card offence, what George's reaction was post challenge is irrelevant, the Vale clogger was in mid air and had lost control of his challenge, straight red card bye bye.

    Do you realise that some sad sack on OVF has used this thread as an example of 'their fans' saying it was not a red card. What a sad donkey jacket wearing teapot making six fingered clayhead freak.

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    Never ever a red card. Don't get me wrong, it's funny because it's against the Vale, but we'd be thoroughly pissed off if one of our players was sent off for that.

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    This shows quite clearly that the vale clogger is off the ground, over the ball and has no control. If he hits George full on then that is a potential leg breaker. Big Dave is spot on about some fans being uneducated if they cannot see that the ref had no choice but to show a red.*************

    It looks like the link will not work, but check page 4 of the Vale v Alex thread on the league 2 forum, the silence from the vale fans after the image was posted is pretty damming
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    Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeDS View Post
    Never ever a red card. Don't get me wrong, it's funny because it's against the Vale, but we'd be thoroughly pissed off if one of our players was sent off for that.
    +1, the excessive force element wasn't present. Tonge has zero momentum; he's off balance from a standing start.

    Still, if you're off the ground with your studs in the air in the modern game, it's hard to have any sympathy. Will be interested to see if Vale appeal. The ref seemed in no doubt, he was straight to his pocket before Cooper's histrionics had started.

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    Quote Originally Posted by England_First View Post
    It looks like the link will not work.........

    With a little modification, try this one;*************

    That's the best angle yet and I guess more like the one the ref saw.
    On that basis, it *was* a deserved straight red after all.
    And yes, contact is never the issue, intent is more important - just as is a badly timed challenge - as in this case! (I'll give Tonge the benefit of the doubt on intent).

    Ok, it doesnt seem to like the link.
    I wonder if it will allow me to paste the bit that is replaced by ****** ......??


    No it won't!!

    How about if i break it down and leave you to join it up ....

    They couldn't beat me this time!!!

    Although what is so controversial about .....
    anyway ..........other than the fact that it is a rival forum?
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    Quote Originally Posted by out0lunch View Post
    I don't like the rolling around but I don't think we do enough of it compared to other teams ....

    Why should we stoop to such lows?
    It's not the way I like to see the game played which is why I think George was OTT!!
    The ones who started all these antics have a lot to answer for.

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    Quite right Somerset, I can recall the (rightful) abuse that we gave Shola Ameobi when he spent most of the second half last season's match falling over and clutching some part of his anatomy. The ref fell for it for a while, then just told him to get on with it, much to Kevin Nolan's bemusement.

    The FA have set up a panel to retrospectively ban players found guilty of diving, pardon me simulation, and fooling the ref into giving the decision his way. Still waiting for the first conviction, of course, but I certainly don't want it being an Alex player - nor do I think it will be.

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    Not a red card in my view. But that's no big deal compared with the fact that we now seem to have a defence that sometimes keeps clean sheets and a manager who can organise and motivate, and also spot how to make the team gel. It's early days and I hate to tempt fate but the board may have played a blinder in appointing DA.

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    Its just my simple opinion that the refs should be careful about sending off players if only because it ruins the game for the fans who have paid good money to see a competitive game and when one is sent off that is it. Game ruined! Maybe the ref could wait a bit longer to see how the player reacts but then they could writhe for 10 mins if needed and so its a difficult balance. Maybe 15 mins off the field would be a better penalty or some sin bin thing like they have in other sports?? If Cooper acted to get the player sent off maybe the ref ought to give a yellow card but then again two yellows get you sent off and so who cares only the fans who have looked forward all week and then see that sort of behaviour from so called Professionals? Football is supposed to be a contact sport and its like ballet dancing now or else?

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