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Thread: Deadline Day

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    Deadline Day

    So we have a new Left Back and a new midfielder (on loan), while Feeney is off to Cardiff for four months.
    Good news that there is no news about Lenihan and Mulgrew.
    This guy Hart must create a bit of a disappointment for Jack Doyle, but I suppose it's all about insurance.
    I take it any soundings for a centre-back with a bit more pace have come to nothing.

    But wait...guilty of a premature ejaculation there! We DO have a new centre-back (on loan): Paul Downing from MKD. I'll look him up now.
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    Not sure if the last one smacks of desperation a little but I won't be drawn into running a player down I have never seen play
    After all the Smallwood signing I felt the same yet he is the standout player of not only the signings but of the whole team.

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    Delighted Smallwood has made so many critics eat their words. They deserve it, but I doubt they'll learn.

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