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Thread: Rochdale(away)predictions

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    I feel the international break came at a bad time
    We were gathering momentum and the injury to mulgrew won't of helped matters
    We will get a point but nothing more than that.
    1-1 draw

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    Rochdale 0 Rovers 4.

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    Christ on a bike saxo I would love that result but let's be honest it won't happen
    We have a centre back pairing which I am not sure about and we are playing nowhere near our best
    A draw would be disappointing but a far more feasible result at this moment in time
    Would love to be wrong and you to be right though saxo.

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    It will be like a home game for you. 1-2..

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    Rovers clearly still underperforming only scoring 3, but at least were winning now.

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    Well done saxo and if it wasn't for the disallowed goal at the end you would of been bang on.
    Tony Mowbray is finding out his key players and the correct way to play in this league
    We have a harder game on Tuesday but one we are more than capable of winning.

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