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    St out

    Please let this be the lowest ebb for our great club

    What has it come to when we are drawing at home to a part time team in the league - and it wasnt unlucky we have sunk to a level where we are matching Dumbarton in a league match

    Yes ray needs to go but it is obvious where the biggest problem lies as we stare at another failing / failed managerial appointment

    ST said some time ago he was selling the club. Is it worth anything in the state we are in? It is very sad and the biggest concern is things could still get worse

    ST should give up on selling the club if he can't get the price he wants and give it to the fans or an interested party

    There are united fans who have loaned money to the club in our towns do need. If ST wanted to maybe he can have one of them handed the club. I wonder if he actually wants to leave

    This season could progress to be our worse for 60+ years. Rank average in a poor Scottish second flight where most clubs get about a quarter of our support or less

    My number one wish is for ST to leave now

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    Im sure he said he would hand the club over for a quid if someone came up with a good enough business plan. If he is evaluating the business plan, im sure it will have to benefit him if he is to hand over control.

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    This is a man who I think said selling Armstrong and GMS to Celtic before the cup final was 'good business'

    Is where we are now good business?

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    Heard a rumour in the GF Upper today that ST had been talking to someone about selling United to the owners of the Fun!

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    The death of the club.

    I posted before that I was worried about that ridiculous Jim Spence article saying about there should be one club in the city, if it might not be part of some wider attempt to make the final fast buck out of united.

    The final insult.

    I just hope that rumour has no foundation

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    The club is in free fall. It is obvious who has caused this. ST can't even manage his own exit strategy.

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    If the divorce rumour is correct and she gets half of everything .....can Mrs T take over the club and have a go at doing a better job?

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    the boy canny keep his boaby in his underpants

    trading off reputation to get your end away

    no chance he will walk away from Utd as thats his only kudus

    .....ET must be whirling in his grave the shame he's brought to the club

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    Eddie T would not have let this happen. No-one should have let this happen

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