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Thread: S****horpe(away)predictions

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    This will be a harder game than Rochdale but we are in good form and playing with confidence
    The tide is turning
    1-3 win

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    2-2.. and your good run continues.

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    Sc.unthorpe 0 Rovers 5

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    Got back in the early hours from a week's holiday in Tonga (fantastic snorkelling and the friendliest people in the world - they prove you don't have to be rich to be happy). The trip was part of the celebration of a big birthday for me - the one that comes just after a well-known sexual position!
    Anyway, great to return to the news of two Rovers victories. The Premier League is just around the corner! I must have a look at the LT site to see how the obsessive doom-merchants are handling this run. No doubt we are "buying our way" towards the promotion-positions.

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