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Thread: Palace sack de Boer...

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    Palace sack de Boer...

    Ridiculous IMHO!

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    Absolutely insane - they were the better team yesterday and it was the players who let the club down with poor finishing and a shocking backpass.

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    I have to agree BT.
    Obviously, we don't know what actually happens on the training ground and the internal machinations of any club, including our own, however, it did appear that the Palace players were putting in a shift on behalf of their manager yesterday and they played some good football but the lack of conversion of chances created is their big problem. I honestly don't see what else any manager could have done yesterday with an individual error leading to a 'soft' goal and then poor finishing contributing to their demise.
    Over the past 5 years they have had a net spend of 109,335,000 but only a net of 2,600,000 was spent this summer.
    He has some very talented players at his disposal, therefore, you have to question whether or not there are rumblings from certain of those players about training etc.
    On the face of it though, it is a crazy decision and poses a question as to the efficiency of the chap/board who appointed him in the first place.

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    Parish sacks the manager after just four games and is now asking everyone to stick together! Lunatic...

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    Absolutely crazy. I hope they drop into the nether regions of hell.

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    Sacked by a first class prat.No wonder Sean did not sign for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bedlington Terrier View Post
    Ridiculous IMHO!
    He must be the shortest serving PL manager.
    A very stupid decision especially given the way they played yesterday without their two star players.
    Parish might be out next!

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    I agree with everyone else, it's simply insane. I hope their stupidity backfires on them and they're relegated. What more could he have done, he changed the system, they played well, if Dann had scored that last minute sitter presumably they would have kept him on.

    So a header goes 6 inches inside a post and the manager keeps his job, it goes six inches outside a post and you sack him. If they want to sack him that's their priviledge, but why sack him for something beyond his control, the result, when all that he could be held responsible for, the performance, was excellent.

    Madness, but if one of our rivals want to self destruct, that's their problem, fine by me,

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    It might sound daft sinkov but they could well be as good as relegated before Christmas!

    Two to go!

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    Doesn't sound daft to me BT, it's an unforgiving league is this, and Bournemouth, Palace and West Ham, are all 7 points behind us already. It's a lunatic asylum out there, all we have to do is be average to mediocre and we'll survive, as at least three teams will push the self destruct button.

    And we are excellent at being average to mediocre.

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    ....they need a fall-guy ? - four games gone with no goals and no points, though I think they could have held out for their next game at home against Southhampton, are likely to get something there. Perhaps there's more going on than we know, he's not happy, board, players not happy etc.
    Against us....we put up the big wall and it held - we've used it against the best - an awful, trying experience that works for us....because there's little else that does.

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    Frank or Ron ?

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    Like I said on another thread Parish has not got a clue about Football, he's a jumped up idiot.

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    they deserve Roy

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    This was an appointment for the long term and to agreed criteria by Parish and the American owners. Sounds like there was some disagreement between them as this was at his unveiling

    At De Boer’s unveiling at Selhurst Park there was much discussion about his style: shrunken trousers and no socks, apparently. He, however, seemed keener to concentrate on on-field concerns. “Ajax is famous for total football,” said De Boer. “So it’s in our DNA to try and play tactical and technical football, to try to dominate. If you do that well it’s a plus because it’s attractive and it looks nice.”

    Here, the new boss did not seem to be entirely in harmony with his new boss, Steve Parish. “Our fans, I don’t think they are particularly fussed about the style of football we play,” the chairman said. Parish went on, slightly harshly: “Our fans aren’t too discerning."

    Will Woy deliver I wonder?

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    The panic must be that they have Southampton at home then the two Manchesters away and Chelsea home so theres a real prospect of no points in mid October.

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    the fans must love parrish for that glowing reference he just gave them

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    BBC story
    DeBoer says they were looking to replace him two weeks ago

    Among the reasons for Palace's dissatisfaction were:

    De Boer's apparent diversion from a number of agreements reached when he signed, such as the team's formation.
    The squad's struggles to adapt to the style of play he tried to implement.
    Poor feedback on planning, methods and sessions.
    Atmosphere at the training ground.
    His use of, and relationship with certain players, such as Damien Delaney, Martin Kelly, Joel Ward, Jairo Riedewald and Lee Chung-yong.
    A perceived lack of input on transfer activity.

    De Boer is understood to have been unhappy with factors including:
    The pre-season schedule organised before his arrival.
    The involvement of Parish in first-team matters.
    The delay in signing defender Mamadou Sakho.

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    So a Palace manager has to sign a contract which stipulates the way the team lines up, and the Chairman gets involved in running/picking the team.

    I love it, music to my ears. This is a basket case of a club, they can only go one way. One less for us to worry about.

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    Even better palace fans planning a boycott of Southampton game because of deBoers sacking

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