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Thread: Parliamentary Inquiry into FA over Aluko case

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    Parliamentary Inquiry into FA over Aluko case

    How the FA dealt with Mark Sampson and Eniola Alukos complaints is to get investigated by a select committee in mid October.
    That should shake them up a bit.

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    Quite right too- the fossils wont be able to brush this under their moth eaten shabby carpets

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    You'd think the halfwits running the country would have better things to do than investigate the FA, Brexit, N Korea, the disgraceful Grenfell shambles, the dysfunctional NHS, the failing social care system, strikes on the railways, still running a deficit of over 1 billion a week two years after five years of austerity and two years after they were supposed to have paid our debts off, I could go on and on and on.

    The FA might well need a kick up the backside, but our incompetent, corrupt, preening MPs are the last ones qualified to provide it.

    I'm surprised the BBC failed to point out that an independent investigation has already been carried out into this affair by one of the country's top employment lawyers, who just happens to be both black and female. She found there was no case to answer. On reflection though, I'm not really surprised at all that the BBC failed to point this out.

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    Birmingham is up to its neck in s h i t and the Government are mithering over "who said what" because the complainant is a person of colour. Jesus phooking wept!

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