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Thread: Hibs statement about Rangers EBT's

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    Hibs statement about Rangers EBT's


    Our board are gutless.

    The so called "fans reps" need to go asap imo.

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    A very difficult and awkward dilemma, Rangers have flaunted the rules of Scottish football but paid the price and were relagated to the bottom division, they managed to get back to the premier league and are back in business under a slightly different name.
    Do I really care NOT REALLY I am more interested in how the team will perform this Saturday and get three points to drag us back into a higher position and more interested in how we are going to beat livi at ER.
    The chance of getting back to Hampden and another final is surely more important than stressing over a club that surely Isn't worth the bother in the first place, personally I would have liked Hibs to hold off a bit to see what other clubs came up with.
    Hey Ho onwards and upwards three points on Saturday is an absolute must.

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