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Thread: The worst Ive seen in 60 years/I remember when I were a lad/Real butter for tea

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    The worst Ive seen in 60 years/I remember when I were a lad/Real butter for tea

    In the spirit of the Monty-Pythonesque/Ripping Yarns sentiment expressed by Champs95,I thought it only fair to detail the very worst performance by Rovers in (nearly)60 years IMHO. .Would have to be the 7-1 defeat to Man.Utd 27.11.2010. But NOT the worst Ive seen,as I didnt attend that match but with Nelsen,Samba,& Salgado in the back-line I think thats a fair shout.
    There were some pretty terrible performances last season when Coyle was in charge,but not absolute hammerings, Then again,the level of the opposition was poorer.

    This brings me nicely to one thing I hope everyone can agree on. The booing and calling-out of Rovers players by so-called "supporters." This is very wrong,and affects the confidence of players with more limited ability,often trying to do their very best. The abuse heaped on Chris Brown, and even Jason Lowe in recent times was ridiculous...the same could be said about Keith Andrews and Mark Atkins going further back. In fact,Mark Atkins was probably the best long-range striker of a ball Ive ever seen at Ewood,behind only Alan Shearer.

    The very best performance? Probably too many to mention-consider the seven goal wins against Norwich,Sheffield Wednesday & Nottingham Forest in the not-too distant past. But the 4-3 win at Ewood against Man.Utd on 01.02.2006 lingers longer in the memory than any other game. Consider that was a Man.Utd team including Wayne Rooney,Christiano Ronaldo AND Ruud van Nistelrooy in attack and Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic also. David Bentley had probably the best game of his career that night,scoring a hat-trick ,perfectly sublime.
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    I remember that game well I was completely outnumbered by United fans in a pub
    I made it very known I was a rovers supporter how I made it out alive Christ knows.

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    Cant really say the performance against Wimbledon was that bad-not the worst in 60 years anyway! However you have to consider the poor quality of the opposition and the fact our wage bill is probably 20(?) times that of Wimbledon,before allowing for resources,training facilities etc etc.
    The goal conceded was downright awful. The main fault at home may well be a lack of atmosphere BUT this is where the manager should do more. Mowbray isnt very good at encouraging the players to give that bit extra. Not really a problem away from home,where the supporters generate the motivation,particularly in smaller stadiums.

    We needed someone to unlock the Wimbledon defence. Should have been a game situation hand-picked for Whittingham. If Mowbray hasnt the confidence to play him(probably correct in my view)then why not ship him out,all-expenses and wage bill paid,to say Accrington Stanley or similar on loan to free -up a place on the bench for Tomlinson,Harper or another kid?

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