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Thread: New EFL TV Deal

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    New EFL TV Deal

    The EFL have a new improved deal with SKY for 600M over the following 5 years after current deal worth 88M a season runs out in 2019, so good to see more money coming into the EFL clubs, who will be allowed to televise their own games if its not being broadcast on SKY. This deal includes the midweek games...

    Hopefully Leeds United wont benefit from the deal

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    Good news for the EFL.

    the one thing that is perplexing is that Sky blocks all streaming to the US and suspect the rest of the world. If you are trying to develop interest you'd think you'd allow it worldwide.

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    Will be good for Bumley, Hudds and Palace next season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billyni View Post
    Will be good for Bumley, Hudds and Palace next season.
    Very droll Billy..lol

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