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    Liverpool latest

    Sadio Mane red card appeal fails so he's out for three games.

    Tonight's team
    Coutinho could return for Liverpool while Dejan Lovren and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will be pushing to start. Sadio Mane will be available as his three-game suspension after being sent off against Manchester City does not cover European games.

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    Seville will soften them up nicely for Saturday!

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    I'm happy we won't have to face Mane, Rolls Royce of a player, best in the PL, imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bedlington Terrier View Post
    Seville will soften them up nicely for Saturday!
    Hope they Marmelise them!

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    Klopps team flops again, lots of criticism of the defence, and Coutinho looking rusty.
    Hope that continues to Saturday!

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    Danny back training with first team and Coutinho back in favour.

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    Klopp loves Sean

    Klopp on Burnley: "Yes they won against Chelsea, who were one-man down. What I really like is what Sean Dyche is doing there. They have a clean plan. You can see it in each game and it is so difficult to play (against) as all their players show a big desire to defend all the situations and there is not one player in the team who you think 'He gambles a little bit'.

    "Their two away games they got four points from Chelsea and Tottenham. That is something I have to consider when I think about the line-up, we need freshness in mind and legs. There will be really small spaces, there is not a lot of easy situations where you can out-play them.

    "It is really interesting to play them because they are always on a really high level since I've been in the league. Maybe the best game we played against them was the first game when we lost 2-0: we were really strong in this game, had the ball all the time and they still scored twice.

    "But it is not that we think about these games. We've made a big step in all the areas we need for these games. If we are all ready for work we can be really good."

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    " there is not one player in the team who you think 'He gambles a little bit'."

    He's obviously not talking about last season then.

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