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    Any forecasts for tonight? If the weather people have got it right we could be under the cosh from high balls into our box. However, it would mean that George can continue shooting from anywhere!
    I'm going for 1-2 (again!)

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    I forgot to say that Walker would score.

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    I'm still feeling sickened by that total and utter clueless display.

    Everything 'right' on Saturday was missing.

    And what the hell was our manager doing wasting time berating the 4th official instead of studying the play and coming up with a solution? I had a better view than him and I had, and have, absolutely no idea what we could have done to turn things around.

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    What we could have done to turn things round? Well the clear and obvious answer was to take Lowery off after 15 minutes. He was absolutely dreadful, and CU had spotted our weak link from the start. Even when Walker switched sides with him the opponents also switched their play. Some supporters round me were amazed he had not been subbed at halftime. Only when it happened did we start to play in a somewhat better way. Got to admit that Ainley made a big difference.

    Agree that Lowery has a talent, but unfortunately he is not physically strong enough for League2 games. Believe it would be better to give Conor Grant a few games. He is experienced at this level.

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    The main issue for me was that in the first half all our midfield play was just in front of our own penalty box! Cambridge just pushed us further and further back and we kept playing ourselves into trouble. We were also very slow at moving the ball forward, a feature that must have been recognised from the bench as that was dealt with for the 2nd half. However, we then kept moving freely down the left side but most of the crosses went behind the forwards. Zooms hit a couple right but George either overhit or found a CU shirt.
    The majority of the team seemed off the pace and somewhat slow in reactions. We definitely need a player in the hole to fill the gap between midfield and the forwards. It was a difficult task to choose a MOTM last night as noone played well at all although Ainley did add a bit of spark when he came on. I believe he should be playing in the hole rather than wide.

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