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Thread: The OFFICIAL score Predictions Tottenham Hotspur v Barnsley

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    The OFFICIAL score Predictions Tottenham Hotspur v Barnsley

    It's gerrin boring evvin t gu t bleedin Wembley ageeun !! (Oakwell Sarf )
    Another Wembley Wonder goal from Hammil to add to an earlier strike from Moncur is not Enough , Harry Kanes hatrick ends our hopes of a Wembley Treble winning run !!
    lose 3-2

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    Lose 3-1 after taking the lead through a Ricky Villa own goal

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    Tottenham Hotspur 5-2 Barnsley

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    2-1 Reds win

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    I've managed to purchase at great expense I might add a Homelessness Survival kit as the prize for this prestigious fixture .

    Pop up tent , sleeping bag , toothbrush and deodorant .

    I don't know how I do it on this budget I really don't .

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    Mister Lee walks on Wembley turf in a cashmere overcoat arms aloft thinking "I pick good with Barnsley. They play Tottenham at Wembley. Good in China. Always like this, yes ?"

    Am hoping Spurs think of us as some dirt on their shoe from up North and play youngsters.
    Spurs 1 Barnsley 2

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    2-2 at full-time.

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    Spurs under 21s 3 barnsley 0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonnyboy501 View Post
    2-2 at full-time.
    90 minutes is that Jonny , extra time doesn't count mate .

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    As wi the Derby tie last neet ya just dunt know what sort of team the clubs will pick,but i'll go 2-1 to Spurs,they're due a win at Oakwell sarf. UTCB

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    Tricky this but they will have to give their young un's a run out so........ Spurs 2 Reds 1 but they have to bring Kane and Ali on to save face!

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    0-4 defeat. But only because Davies has the game of his life.

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    Spurs 4- 1Tykes

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    2-1 to the reds
    R kid is sticking with his 6-0 to the reds

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    We've a better record at Wembley than the Spuds have .

    Just go out and enjoy it , shouldn't be fazed by playing a well under strength Spuds team .

    I fancy us I really do .

    Spuds 1-2 Reds

    A Hammill special to win it , naturally .

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    Even with a weakened team TH FC 2 BFC 0

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    Ossies gonna Wembley he's knees have gone all trembley cam on you spurs ffs.

    2-2 after 90 mins

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    4-0 to Spurs full time. 1-0 half time to Spurs. They send on Kane and alli to finish us off and score 3 in last twenty minutes

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    4-1 Spurs but it all depends on the side they put out.

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    2-1 win for barnsley you reds

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