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Thread: Predict the number

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    Predict the number

    of posts on FF by the end of this month.

    I go for 30 or could a Phoenix rise from the ashes?

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    I'll go for 18.

    How many on Saints Mad, I'll fo for a big fat (sorry Pents) zero.

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    25 unless Sui gets back to his old form then I'll go for 500 instead

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    Quote Originally Posted by DunstablePFC View Post
    25 unless Sui gets back to his old form then I'll go for 500 instead
    Daz and Kitey are both well but both have logging on problems.

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    Well you blew it Dunny wunny, I make it a staggering 31 with a week to go.

    Strangely, talking to a few of the old regs, there is still a chance to get this board back to something resembling a decent
    message board.

    Hope the 3 amigos and Dad are all keeping well?

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    Everyone is well. I've seen Corky, Kitey, Ken Wright, BC and Daz at matches recently. Keep hoping Lassie will make a visit to his homeland plus we may get a visit from Scully one day. Hope Bulcy and you are well too ?

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    Yes all good mate, don't get to as many games these days but will be there tomorrow with the missus!! Hired a Motorhome for the week for a tour of the south coast which just by coincidence tied in with a Pompey game lol. The others and my dad are much the same as usual i.e. pissed 😁

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    Great Dunny. Saw Geoff briefly last night too, He looked very well. Enjoyed last night in the South Stand, haven't been there for a league game in years but will be back Saturday with FullBack in the NSL.

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