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Thread: My first Black Country Derby

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    My first Black Country Derby

    All this reminiscing got me to look back at my first BCD. We beat Wolves 5-1 and they got relegated. Hardly unique I know but I thought worth a mention.

    They improved during their spell in Div 2 as for my next BCD we only won 4-1.

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    My first Black Country Derby was 28th Feb 1970. i was eleven years old.

    We were losing 2.3 our fans song " We hate Wanderers." to which their reply was." Just because your losing.".

    In ended 3.3 With Astle scoring 1 and Sugget scoring 2.

    Some memories never fade.

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    Feb 1970 was my first BCD - in fact my first ever Albion game. Strangely enough I was 11 y/o and lived in Stafford then!!

    Always remember the newspaper headline "Albion fight back shows they are ready for Wembley"........where we duly lost to Man City on that quagmire of a pitch after they did the Horse of the Year show.....those were the days...

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    November '58. Wolves were top of the League and we were maybe 2nd/3rd/4th. We won 2-1 and there were 48,000 (I found out later) Not a scrap of violence, and I remember some great banter between my Dad and his mates and some Wolves fans. I was only 8, and had Wolves down as my 3rd favourite team (ManU's post Munich team were 2nd)!!!

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